AF6MQ-CWIR is a "Morse Code Flame Effect " . *

a tremendous Thank You to The Crucible for their generous support.

Please come see AF6MQ-CWIR at the Fire Arts Festival.

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AF6MQ-CWIR (Flaming Morse Code Transceiver) Fire Safety Plan

1. Description

This project consists of two "Operating Stations" and two tower mounted
propane accumulator flame effects.

The towers are 10 feet tall and constructed from standard radio tower
sections mounted with lower perpendicular truss to prevent tilting. The
flame effect is located at the top of the tower far above personel.
The towers are also fitted with lightweight steel reflectors and small
telescopes allowing communication betweeneach other in morse code.

The Operating Stations consist of a smalltable and chair with an old
PC keyboard, a morse code sending key, and a small box resembling an old
style tube radio. The "operator" can send morse code flame poofs with
either the keyboard or morse code key. The opposite tower will "see" the
flame poofs due to the combined effort of a rear reflector and a small
telescopic light sensor mounted at the focus point. The small LCD screen
will display the translated text of the received morse code to the operator.

This will allow anyone with orwithout morse code knowledge to make
a "QSO" with fire.

2. Fuel

The Flame Effect used is a standard Propane Gas accuumulator system
lightly reffered to as a "poofer". The pilot light consists of a
1/4" steel wool wound copper ring around the effect throat. The effect
is actualized by a NC 1/2" Propane rated electrical solenoid. The
accumulator is aproximately 3 gallons including run pipe to solenoid.
Supply is from standard 7gal LP tanks with OPD valves, 1/4 turn
shutoffs, and crimped propane rated hosing to accumulator and pilot.

Since the effect sought is a "small and fast poof" useable in Morse Code,
the estimated propane consumption is 2-3 gallons per hour of constant use.
Final testing may include a reduction regulator to the accumulator stage
to reduce the overall size of the poof to only the neccessary for contact.
Given only a single 7 gal supply tank per tower, total consumption
is limited to 14gal total per evening. Can The Crucible loan me
a couple 10gal or larger if consumption proves higher?

3. Oxidizers

No external oxidizers are used or needed.

4. Colorants

No colorants or other additives are used or needed.

5. Structure

The towers are a single 10foot section of Rohn radio tower. The main
components of the effect are located at the base of the tower and secured
to them with appropriate strapping. The base of the towers are attached
to a metal plate base with horizontal supports to prevent tipping. This
arrangement provides excessive stability to wind loading. Additional
bracing supports are fitted for excessive wind conditions. The reflectors
are lightweight steel "dishTV" style pieces mounted securely to the
towers and to the side of the flame aperature.

The operating station is located minimum 10 feet from the tower. This
is a simple table and chair with the control unit on the table.

Main arming and shutoff controls are located in a control box
at the base of the tower. Main arming is actualized with a removeable
key locking system that disables all the electronic systems.

6. Flame Heads

Each tower has only one flame effect. This is a small 1/2"
throat straight pipe accumulator system and its associated pilot ring.

7a. Minimum safe distance for audience.

Although the flame effect mounted at 10 feet high precludes most
direct interaction from the audience, it is suggested a 10 foot
perimeter be used just to keep the audience from touching the
shutoffs and arming controls.

7b. Safety perimeter.

i request The Crucible to assist with caution tape or placement
to suggest or enforce a 10' perimeter. i can bring cattle fence
charger if needed.

8. Interactive.

The main point of this piece is to allow the audience to control
the flame effect and generate morse code type poofs. The audience
will be able to either press keys on a keyboard or press a morse code
key which will trigger an effect. The keyboard and key are routed
through an Atmel at90usb microcontroller which will generate
the needed solenoid actuation and limit duration of pulses
to a normal morse WPM speed of 15.

8a. Interactive safety.

The operating station is located sufficiently far from
the flame effect to prevent any injury. The Crucible fire
safety team will assist in keeping fencejumpers under control.

8b. Crew safety.

The operating station is un-useable without a crew member
present to actuate the keylock. Therefore, a flame effect
can only be generated when a crew member so chooses. The audience
does control the sequence of effects, but the crew member controls
the "master on/off" switch. The entire system is run from a single
12v battery that is contained at the operating station, thus
keeping the control seperate from the effect.

9. Danger Potential.

The greatest danger would be if an audience member where
to cross the safety perimeter, and try to climb the tower.
Should they do so, i suppose they could reach up and put
their hand in the pilot flame, but the crew member
would have shutoff the main propane supply and solenoid
safety long before then.

10. Proximity Material.

All materials used on the towers and the effects are
constructed of metal.

11. Shutdown.

Temporary suspension of effect is simple by removing master arming key.
Final shutdown is standard supply-off-first and open solenoid purge.
The small size of the accumulator does not require any special purge
or fill procedure.

12. Emergency Shutdown.

Emergency shutdown is 1/4 turn valve at supply tank fitting.
Emergency shutdown of solenoid control is redundant with arming
key at tower and arming switch at control station.

13a. Fire Tools.

Each tower will be equipped with a standard ABC 5lb drychem mounted
and labeled at the tower or operating station.

13b. Fire Tools Loan

If The Crucible can spot me CO2 or H2O for the duration,
they are a lot less messy.

14. Safety Personel.

Scott Gasparian, John Dyer, Erin Burke. All are familiar
with my propane effect systems and have attended the FAF
before so familiar with scene there also. Scott Gasparian
has worked as Fire Tech for many EarthCircus and other shows.

15. Additional Personel.

Well, honestly, i'm gonna need more people. i can not be in
both stations at once, which should be 300-1000' feet apart.
my crew will not be present all nites, and i will know excactly
when they will be coming soon. So hold me some volunteers?

16. Previous Install

This is a new piece that has not been shown to the public.
However, the propane-accumulator-effect is standard and
somewhat small by TheCrucible standards. Sorry, its just not
that dangerous no matter what i do to it!!!!


* i never make or use "flame throwers", especially "liquid" types. propane is a gas.


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