ISS SSTV catch

on the wrong antenna, i can still get decent pics from the International Space Station SSTV transmissions.  i guess this is a short-time-trial thing, rumor is they will be sending live pics in the future?


best catch, Yuri G !!!


my dream woman, astronaut, playing with ham radio in orbit <swoon>.


this would have been a great catch, but was near direct overhead pass, and vertical antenna is deaf straight up :(


fading pass, serious doppler shift makes the frame drag to the right.


AF6MQ CWIR reloaded video

i stopped bringing any Fire to BinkyMan in 2007.  i’m very pleased to have a chance to fire up an old project this weekend, “AF6MQ CWIR”.  here’s the controls and solenoid on the bench all rewired and ready to be boxed.  type a letter, and the flame will go “poof” in morse code.  here’s a link to the original version for the crucibles legendary Fire Arts Festival (RIP).

and another try to link the youtubez….


ADS-B receiver, contrail tracking

i’ve been wanting to do this for awhile, get some data on contrails/chemtrails.  using dump1090 running on debian on an old laptop, and mono to run VirtualRadar, now have visual tracking of ADS-B pinging airplanes.  next step, point the outside webcam to look at the sky, use motion to motion track, and log sky pics ref by the dump1090 tracking.  there is real science behind contrails, it’s a pressure/temp/humidity thing, and i can cull that data online (winds aloft and radiosondes example).


do you believe in “chemtrails”?

what do you think they are spraying?

what do you think they are doing it for?

do you have any evidence for or against?



RTL-SDR, dump1090, VirtualRadar, and Sofia

having a lot of fun watching the air traffic.  i loaded dump1090 onto a debian machine, plugged in an RTL-SDR usb dongle, a hacked coax 1/4 wave vertical, and bam, we got all sorts of fun info about the planes flying over.  here’s the raw dump from dump1090


then, using mono to run VirtualRadar, can see from other machines browser live updating with tracks, and net lookups of the tail numbers.  i can only “see” about 10-30 miles out, so very lucky to be looking at it just the right time…..


…..and then along comes SOFIA, the NASA flying telescope.  Yes, they open a door on the side, the back section is de-pressurized, so to have a clear view of the heavens.  the Ultimate Convertible, no?

and a double check against the pro’s,


so, who read all the way down here, and want’s to hear about the CHP Ghost C-130 flying circles over Folsom Lake?



DC3 Touch Test

quick little video of the DC3 new touch sensors in action.  just a simple sensor-faceedges mapping for now to get the sensitivity dialed in.  works about 1″ out from the face of the glass, and seems to be stable with power fluctuations thanks to extra regulator.


youtube link here

testing youtube embed here.  Continue reading

electric motorcycle battery pack dissection

48V at 40Ah, this is quite the LiPo battery pack.  well, it was, before it self-discharged.  looks like about $1K to replace all those magic baggies, last picture can see the magic smoke has leaked out and left an aromatic grunge behind.   at least the BMS has a clever tab attachment setup.  searching for LiFe replacement options.  anyone recommend source for 20-40Ah that would fit roughly 210x210x150mm form factor?  only one cell has 2V on it, the others 0.2V at most, so no youtube pack puncture fun here.





Solar Sail probe steers like a hangglider.

a hangglider steers by weight shift.  to over-simplify, the pilot moves the body weight in relation to the balance point of the wing, inducing a lateral force, that turns the craft.  this soon to be launched NASA NEA Scout probe is powered by a solar sail that catches the sun’s photons.  in order to steer a course other than away from the sun, the craft will move its center of gravity in relation to the sail very similar to hangglider weight shift.  because, physics.


working fifo Lemmy ghost

so here’s what a working high-speed fifo looks like.  is it just me or is Lemmy ghosting my machine???


i’ll take a shot on NYE for you Lemmy knowing you are in the hypknowtron bringing the real party to light.


and when it’s not syncing right just for comparison…


old art new trix

rescued the DC3 this summer, and finally got around to teachin this old dog new tricks.  here’s the frame with the lenses removed, and about 1/2 the guts cut loose.


the cork for the glass is molded and rotted, hey, she’s 13 years old or so…

here’s the new brain on the bench.  11 channel touch sensor, at90usb1287, and level shifter set to drive 4 led strip channels (clocked simultaneously), looking like 8 led on an edge, so that’s 80 strip led’s going in to replace the 6 handmade ones.


gotta put a shout out to saleae for their logic8 bit analyzer, pulling SPI data live off the bus is a big win talking to “smart” slaves…..

and here’s the long look with strip on the bench and bc7#10 getting his firmware firmed up.


this is what she used to look like, soon to be 10x brighter and 100x smarter!!!