ChakraTron Build Pictures

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new bearings and grease....
trons #1 and #2 do a crazy interleave thing....

trons 4, 5, 6 and 7 pointing up and away

the whole bizzness with headless plasticman sitting next.

ok, was supposed to leave today, and as i did some centering test, the main shaft snapped literally in half.


yes, thats right, tools are packed, and now the part that everything else attaches too is broken.

so i delayed departure, drank some lovinlight, and got to work. didnt think the machine shop mess would do well on the playa. So now that i know what it looks like, it only took two days to rebuild it completely from new stock.

hard to take a picture of something clear ....

37 amps on two 120 legs, makes nice plastic pizza

finally a chance to catch up, and finish few things. like the brain. here it is finally with everything all hooked up and functional. the puzzle is simple at this point, but the fingers and L3K FIFO is working!!
and now for some thermoforming, here is the start of the pizza oven. 4000 watts should be able to get a nice 250F i rekon
sketches into life, thats why im here.
and the motor end. only one will be used at a time, the other is the spare, that serves as the perfect counterbalance.

so its been a mercury coupla weeks,

heres the board design that includes the touch chips for the hand, the FIFO driver and L3K interface, and a few other things......

the rabbit arrived, and after a few auspicious tests of the ethernet and stuff, Tim lent me a very nice graphic lcd keypad that is going to make the testing and puzle building a LOT easier.

So look closely, i suppose you could say ...


and heres the schematic for the touch interface that will plug into the rabbit for the hand sensors. (the square board top left in the above circuit print)

thinking and working at the same time, the construction must allow BC to fit through a standard doorway. therefore, the entire assembly will be in sections. heres the armature flange and drive assembly sketch.

some notes on the chakras, colors, musical notes, spacing, symbology, circle of fifths, prime spiral, and rough picxel counts for the hypknowtron blades.

i finally got some head.

peaceful, isn't he?

i feel very Dr. Frankensteinish, with the head in pretty accurate spacing to the body, yet not attached.

(now all i need is a lightning storm :-)

another view of the alignment.

this is getting fun...

he's back! well, here is his back at least, and the arm, hand, and some beginings of the glass hunt...

Mercury: closest planet to our sun, rules things like science and math and electronics.

heres a nifty toy, a mercury slip ring assembly. since there will be 6 rotating points of data transfer, i decided to splurge on these. they werent that expensive, but since all the blades will be data-chained, and near playa dust...

Hg, from the Latinized Greek hydrargyrum, for watery [or liquid] silver, atomic number 80.

i like that, especially since the double rotating axis will be similar to a gryoscope... and it looks like about 80 picxels inside him,

heres the outside of the laytex mold, too bad it cant be used for the plastics directly....
heres the hydrocal first positive popped out of the laytex. most of the details came out fine, but the large crack along the hand leaked (note to self: don't do art in boxshop anymore)
its actually worse than just a leak, the entire valley of his hand is too thin and will have to be totally resculpted. in fact, his hand is actually just sitting in place now, it must have broke off between pours 2 and 3....

at least my fiber re-inforcement held, so i excavated the cracks in prep for filling and carving. i'm actually begining to enjoy the carving and sculpting of the hydrocal....


ok, its happening, no turning back now, checks cashed, parts ordered, off and running...

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so, heres the "teaching" arm and hand. Theres a prototype of the new picxel modules below the tape measure for scale.

and heres the inside of the almost completed front half. theres a good 100lbs of plaster in that (see "massage" in the donations list)

heres a sketch of his "room" in the funhouse, for scale and dimensioning.
heres a sketch of his tent structure. basically, 4x4 posts with 2x4 rails across the top, and a 1' wide strip of plywood for shear strength and facade. ends should be sunk about one foot for wind loading. top of the frame will be covered with a mylar coated fabric appropriate size.
and heres what he most likely will be setup like.
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