Please join us for the First Show of Spring 2006*.

Saturday, March 25 2006, 7pm
The Imperial Gallery at ABCo
3135 Filbert St. Oakland, CA

$ - $$$ donation suggested (PiGnE heating bills eh?),

We at ABCo are pleased to welcome the brightest Bay Area Artists for a Celebration of Light and Light Art. The newly remodeled Imperial Gallery will be totally illuminated by the art work. Sculptures and other Light objects will be presented in a darkened gallery to allow full appreciation of their beauty and ingenuity. Performances, Music, and LightDrinks will add to the festivities. Wear your best illuminated costumes and accessories and join the celebration!!!


Jennifer Alexander
Tim Black
Scott Draves
Jonathan Foote
Scott Gasparian
Kevin Gauna
Simran Gleason
Rick Lellinger
Jeremy Lutes
Barry Monigle
Ken Murphy
Lisa Perrott
Burning Ideas (KiKi)
Dawn Ryan
Christopher Schardt
Serge Durieux


Dawn (LightHoops)



Betty Ray


7pm - 11pm All Ages

Questions and Answers 650.218.3984

(* the Vernal Equinox is Monday March 20).