Scott Gasparian (gaspo)

POB 295, Point Arena, CA 95468.
707.702.1SKY (1759)

Scott Gasparian is an Artist, Teacher, and Inventor. He is the creator of such devices as The ChakraTron, the HypKnowTrons, the Phoenix Chainsaw Chopper, and other works made from mostly RePurposed materials. His experience teaching includes high school level science, electronics, computers, machine shop, physics, video production, and K-5 machine sewing. Previous employment includes positions at the Supercomputer Computations Research Institute at FSU, Dept Informatik at ETH Zurich, Lick-Wilmerding H.S. and Gateway Charter H.S. in S.F. He is also a USHGA certified Paragliding Instructor, Tandem Instructor, and has served on the USHGA Board of Directors. Currently residing in Point Arena CA, he is teaching K-5 science and working on HypKnowTron #7, CWIR, and contract embedded systems design as proprietor of 1Sky.

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Scott Gasparian was born during a Lightning Storm in Texas, thus begining his play with electricity and light. His travels through eastern Asia and Australia as a child seeded him with classical oriental and native designs. An aerospace education combined with work experience in the pre-internet university computer networks grounds his art in high-speed digital microcontrollers and robust mechanics. All of his works are interactive, touch and sound(voice) being the prefered methods. The Electronics are custom designed and hand-assembled, and all aspects make extensive use of RePurposed (aka Trash and E-Waste) Materials

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