the first 6 have been sold. A second production is in the works and soon available. Please see 1sky/artist for pics of 1-6.

This is BC/7 #1.

(click on any pic to see a larger version)

In order to test my techniques for plastic and glass casting, i created a mold of a small Buddha. Crystal clear resin encases crystal drizzle glass shards and 7 of the new L3K Picxel modules. This one foot high classic enlitened being sits on a base of mahogony and walnut that encases the batteries and brain.

The seven L3K modules are situated to represent the 7 chakras. The modules have a SMT RGB LED and microcontroler on each one and are completely programable and addressable. These are the same modules that are used inthe L3K light ring surrounding a certain neon and wooden man. The new L3K is made like speed bumps and will be considerably harder to "walk away with souvenier", so this might be your only opportunity to get a piece of L3K !!!
Seriously, the modules can reproduce 512 distinct colour shades and an over-current "strobe" flash. The 7 chakras are controlled by a microcontroller in the base that is also connected to a touch sensor mounted in his belly. By touching his belly, you can change the color pattern that he plays. The brain controller can be updated later for further steps to illumination. Currently he plays 10 different patterns, but i'm sure there will be mo'betta ones coming.
The cyrstal drizzle glass embedded in the resin gives him the texture and translucency of carved ice. (molten glass is drizzled into water to create string like clusters). Although the resin is supposed to be UV stable, i would recomend against leaving him outside in the sun. Nighttime of course should be just fine.

UPDATE: i have now made 6 of these sculptures, all of which have joined Private Collections. I am currently setting up to do a second productio run. You can see pictures of the others at 1Sky/Artist

If you would like to purchase one of these new series, conact me.

Thanks for taking a look, and please feel free to forward or link this page to anyone or anylist you know that would help get the word out.




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