pacman ate my google map

so this happened when looking for nice streets to park on near nimby.gmapac  was going back and forth between sat and map view when the pacman button showed up.   april fools? i guess it is april 1st on east coast already?



anti-depressants strike again, germanair copilot on pharmas.

well, maybe he stopped taking them that day?  there are great statistics on anti depressants and actuall suicide success, especially tri-cyclics and maouis, yet we give them to our kids as “safe”.  ain’t that psychoactive drugs?


(CNN)German investigators found antidepressants in the apartment of Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz this week, according to published reports.

Die Welt, a German newspaper, cited an unidentified senior investigator who said Lubitz suffered from a severe “psychosomatic illness” and German police seized prescription drugs that treat the condition. Lubitz suffered from a “severe subjective burnout syndrome” and from severe depression, the source told Die Welt.



house of saud bombing the 99% of Yemen.

is this what happens when you setup tents in the capitol square, and win?  the neighbors take you out?  a lot of global scrambling goin on, what are they so anxious about? are the ice caps really melting? can’t let the “people” have any beach front? like gaza?

anyone able to translate their official website?