Vintage Brakes

so these are called Warner electric brakes, designed by the guy who designed magnetic speedometers standard in pre-computer automobiles.  clever design, but i think the standard modern setup is in the plans.

here’s the hub off, friction pads inside the hub, and magnetic coil is the ring around the spindle.


closer look at the hub pads,


i assume it works like: give coil juice, it gets torqued by pulling these pads to it and then the doughnut is forced to turn a little bit.  that turn then pushes on the pad ring to engage the hub.  heres a closeup of the tab that sticks out of the coil ring where it can push on the ring on either side (forward or backward same power).


so yeah, i’m back to the wordpress blog thing, which copies automatic to fbook.



ready for separation

stream #2 with inner skin removed

stream #2 with inner skin removed

the problem with fixing the floors in airstream is that the shell(walls) are attached to it.  so here is my 1961 with the inside aluminum sheet removed, nas ass insulation gone, and all but the end fiberglass domes out of the way.  now i just need 7 sheets of good flooring plywood, and about a dozen jack stands.  i can do this.



rollin again

stream2 hitched evac rcr

stream2 hitched evac rcrgett

with inner shell removed, and only 1/2 the wheels, had to evac camp for a temporary LZ.  shell moved away from frame at the front good inch or more on big bumps.  didnt plan to move her till the new floor was in, but sometimes ya just got to do what ya gotta do.