bigger storms

nice little bit of reading here on the climate change thing.  i’ve said what Carl said, we’re doomed.  this paper says 2055 gets interesting.  NE conus and western europe get the big storms.  excellent simulations with and without ice melt, etc.  in sum: the hotter we make the planet, the bigger the storms will get. in science-speak,

Increased baroclinicity produced by a stronger tempera- ture gradient provides energy for more severe weather events. Many of the most significant and devastating storms in east- ern North America and western Europe, popularly known as superstorms, have been winter cyclonic storms, though sometimes occurring in late fall or early spring, that gener- ate near-hurricane-force winds and often large amounts of snowfall (Chapter 11, Hansen, 2009). Continued warming of low-latitude oceans in coming decades will provide a larger water vapor repository that can strengthen such storms. If this tropical warming is combined with a cooler North At- lantic Ocean from AMOC slowdown and an increase in mid- latitude eddy energy (Fig. 21), we can anticipate more se- vere baroclinic storms. Increased high pressure due to cooler high-latitude ocean (Fig. 20) can make blocking situations more extreme, with a steeper pressure gradient between the storm’s low-pressure center and the blocking high, thus driv- ing stronger North Atlantic storms.

the good news? their models agree with my theory that eastern pacific will maintain it’s temp.  real estate potential, jes sayin…


AF6MQ CWIR reloaded video

i stopped bringing any Fire to BinkyMan in 2007.  i’m very pleased to have a chance to fire up an old project this weekend, “AF6MQ CWIR”.  here’s the controls and solenoid on the bench all rewired and ready to be boxed.  type a letter, and the flame will go “poof” in morse code.  here’s a link to the original version for the crucibles legendary Fire Arts Festival (RIP).

and another try to link the youtubez….


Atmospheric River

so who get’s to make up these names? Rivers all wind their own way to the sea.  Vapor, what Atmos means in Latin, rises it’s way to the sky, then (hopefully) comes down as rain, to wind up in a river again, etc. etc.  should be “vapor stream”, or “moisture channel”, “river” is for ground water mmkay?  but even noaa is using it now.  oh well.  still pretty stuff (from NRL MRY, test of gify download), lined up pointing right at the bay, check ur galoshes and rain jackets, will be too windy for umbrellas.


ADS-B receiver, contrail tracking

i’ve been wanting to do this for awhile, get some data on contrails/chemtrails.  using dump1090 running on debian on an old laptop, and mono to run VirtualRadar, now have visual tracking of ADS-B pinging airplanes.  next step, point the outside webcam to look at the sky, use motion to motion track, and log sky pics ref by the dump1090 tracking.  there is real science behind contrails, it’s a pressure/temp/humidity thing, and i can cull that data online (winds aloft and radiosondes example).


do you believe in “chemtrails”?

what do you think they are spraying?

what do you think they are doing it for?

do you have any evidence for or against?