fuse autopsy

so, these are $7 or so replacement.  i guess by crushing the glass ahead of time, a serious pop the glass will still be around where the continuing arc would be.  anyone have more specifics on the white glass-like filler?  fluke dmm-11a 1000v multimeter fuse.




Snail Wars

this is the cheapest copper snail barrier i could come up with.  experiments showed snails do not like to touch pennies, so….

quick pass with the skillsaw set to 1/2 penny depth, squirt of wood glue, and lots of Abe clones.

because, f u snails.



R2D2 and ChakraTron.

so im thinking its magnets and rollers for BB8.  would you believe this showed up searching for pics of insides?  Which reminds me, The ChakraTron is still entertaining at The Blue Canoe cafe shop in Anchor Bay CA.  Stop in, say hi to mr blinky, and Thanks to De for hosting his junkiness.


Why so Dry?


just had to share this rather obvious sat pic i took of the west-coast-bubble.  no, not the liberal cultural bubble, but the insanely resilient high pressure that’s dominated the west conus for many years now what should be only a summer seasonal.  can you see the clear high pressure bubble in this pic?