Riveting Experience

There is something inherently Zen about anything in quantity “one thousand”.  These are “6-6 Closed End” rivets direct from jersey that should be a watertight seal when done.  i sure f’n hope so, i’ve burned throu a couple hundred now.


a Faraday cage is only as good as the smallest hole.  same thing for rodent proofing.  started with the biggest holes and working down to the smallest.


most of these where hatches for the appliances which are all gone now of course.


both sides of the door frame required complete rebuild of the footer and frame as someone apparently pried open the extra added locks.  i’ve got the original door handle working again and that’s all i’ll likely do, locks are really only for honest people.


and this was hiding under some aluminum foil.


easier to replace the footer than to try and align all those rivet holes.


so excited about things coming together i even moved my bench in !!


and now that all the walls are secured again, time to deal with all the roof issues.