WX setup

Cloud Seeding is the science of using particulate matter to induce water droplet formation in the atmosphere. ie, make it rain. solid fuel rockets spewing metal salt smoke have been used by the US and China with mixed success in weather modification. Smoke particles seed water droplet formation quite well due to their perfect size to stay airborne. Now smoke from the west coast fires has drifted west (contrary to normal pacific wind patterns) out to the cyclonic anomaly. we will see if this is a major rain event setup that would be welcome to put the fires out? or how about a west coast hurricane to stay with the 2020 apocalyptic theme?


here’s a higher contrast view of the smoke

“Nighttime Microphysics” from NOAA GOES west cost sector
from NOAA GOES server direct link to my fav animation

harvest 2020 begins

The first of the fruits are ready. my summer art project is finishing its first phase of experiments.

first the mystery melon that got cut off it’s vine before i thought it was ready. well, ready or not, it was awesome sweet and delicious better than any other melon ive ever had. might be my sweat in it….

then there was possibly the only cabbage to NOT be destroyed by the white moths. best wok up ever.

i ate peas all summer, and still should have enough to see next year 10x as much as this year.

and the biggest surprise of all is still waiting for me to unwrap it. no idea how to tell when its ready, some say stem shrink, some say yellow ground spot, i say i dont know how to attach it back onto the vine if i pick it too early…..