santa screwed this year?

ya ever notice how an iced drink behaves on a hot day? the ice gets smaller sorta steady like,  then theres a pause, where the cubes are about 1/3 their starting size, and they don’t change size much for a bit.   then, suddenly they’re gone?  saw a version floating on the net without any attrib, so this version of the graph is direct from  NSIDC, the folks who actually count the icebergs.


and why ? well it seems the ocean warming has warmed right up to the doorstep of the icepack, and the “plugs” in the straights aren’t forming.  see the really dark red spots in the bering straight? and like all from Greenland to russia?


don’t worry, Santa has water pontoons on the sled.

too bad for the reindeer tho,



Perigee Moon Scores

SuperMoon.  harumph.  bullies shame the smart, and american schools teach to the lowest common denominator.  well, it ain’t common, it’s called “Perigee”, when the Moon is closest to Earth, as opposed to “Apogee” when it’s the furthest.  One of these days we’ll rid the earth of the last of the science shamers…

whatever, tide was SUPER LOW, and that is SCIENCE WIN!!!!




As Above…

traditional morse code goodbye is “73”.

that is –… …–  or dah-dah-di-di-dit di-di-dit-dah-dah.

say it fast.

nobody really knows the meaning, but the usage and rhythm i always think:

“As Above So Below”.

As Above,


So Below


dead dinosaur distributions

yes, i admit, this is how i “recycled” my engine oil for many many years, usually didn’t bother with the gravel however….


kinda makes ya wonder what’s the big deal about a pipeline?  i mean, whats just one more oil leaking greed vein?


more battery lies

ok, these are HP batteries.  one is as expected, full of cells.


but the other has these black cells, ive never seen black cells before?


oh wait, those are not cells, those are hollow plastic spacer tubes?


i guess even the big buys cut corners when they can?

would never tell from the outside that 1/3 of the cells are missing inside?