two more working designs

more a re-design than a scratch design, but still had to push the same amount of pixels and solder.  you’ll see these on the market soon, till then here’s the “factory proofs” with some double-check their Q with my A.

hella bright blinky disks.


ultra cool glow sticks,


and sometimes ya just gotta check how good they printed by removing the top screen print to expose the copper traces.  modern SMD parts are sooooo damn tiny in sub-milimeter kinda tiny.




Perigee Moon Scores

SuperMoon.  harumph.  bullies shame the smart, and american schools teach to the lowest common denominator.  well, it ain’t common, it’s called “Perigee”, when the Moon is closest to Earth, as opposed to “Apogee” when it’s the furthest.  One of these days we’ll rid the earth of the last of the science shamers…

whatever, tide was SUPER LOW, and that is SCIENCE WIN!!!!




AF6MQ CWIR reloaded video

i stopped bringing any Fire to BinkyMan in 2007.  i’m very pleased to have a chance to fire up an old project this weekend, “AF6MQ CWIR”.  here’s the controls and solenoid on the bench all rewired and ready to be boxed.  type a letter, and the flame will go “poof” in morse code.  here’s a link to the original version for the crucibles legendary Fire Arts Festival (RIP).

and another try to link the youtubez….


DC3 Touch Test

quick little video of the DC3 new touch sensors in action.  just a simple sensor-faceedges mapping for now to get the sensitivity dialed in.  works about 1″ out from the face of the glass, and seems to be stable with power fluctuations thanks to extra regulator.


youtube link here

testing youtube embed here.  Continue reading

working fifo Lemmy ghost

so here’s what a working high-speed fifo looks like.  is it just me or is Lemmy ghosting my machine???


i’ll take a shot on NYE for you Lemmy knowing you are in the hypknowtron bringing the real party to light.


and when it’s not syncing right just for comparison…


old art new trix

rescued the DC3 this summer, and finally got around to teachin this old dog new tricks.  here’s the frame with the lenses removed, and about 1/2 the guts cut loose.


the cork for the glass is molded and rotted, hey, she’s 13 years old or so…

here’s the new brain on the bench.  11 channel touch sensor, at90usb1287, and level shifter set to drive 4 led strip channels (clocked simultaneously), looking like 8 led on an edge, so that’s 80 strip led’s going in to replace the 6 handmade ones.


gotta put a shout out to saleae for their logic8 bit analyzer, pulling SPI data live off the bus is a big win talking to “smart” slaves…..

and here’s the long look with strip on the bench and bc7#10 getting his firmware firmed up.


this is what she used to look like, soon to be 10x brighter and 100x smarter!!!