harvest 2020 begins

The first of the fruits are ready. my summer art project is finishing its first phase of experiments.

first the mystery melon that got cut off it’s vine before i thought it was ready. well, ready or not, it was awesome sweet and delicious better than any other melon ive ever had. might be my sweat in it….

then there was possibly the only cabbage to NOT be destroyed by the white moths. best wok up ever.

i ate peas all summer, and still should have enough to see next year 10x as much as this year.

and the biggest surprise of all is still waiting for me to unwrap it. no idea how to tell when its ready, some say stem shrink, some say yellow ground spot, i say i dont know how to attach it back onto the vine if i pick it too early…..

2020 Graphic Ephemeris

i’ve been using the astrolog program for 30 years now and still find new settings and configs. how about the whole year of 2020 in one simple picture? of note: mars retro beg september, and jupiter saturn junct in dec.

Back from the Races

50th Kinetic Grand Championships.  i helped out by being part of the Amateur Radio team that relays the course.  Here’s “disco Daren” at the finish line in Ferndale.  They made him wait at the city limits he was 11 minutes before noon.



Bobbin goes to the burningmans2017

i went to the burningmans and lit my Hare on Fire.

thanks to Michael Beattie for the pics.











and once all working i attached him to the trailer i built in 2 days and we rode around looking for other fire till the LP tank went empty.  30 gallons of LP over 5 days.






two more working designs

more a re-design than a scratch design, but still had to push the same amount of pixels and solder.  you’ll see these on the market soon, till then here’s the “factory proofs” with some double-check their Q with my A.

hella bright blinky disks.


ultra cool glow sticks,


and sometimes ya just gotta check how good they printed by removing the top screen print to expose the copper traces.  modern SMD parts are sooooo damn tiny in sub-milimeter kinda tiny.




Perigee Moon Scores

SuperMoon.  harumph.  bullies shame the smart, and american schools teach to the lowest common denominator.  well, it ain’t common, it’s called “Perigee”, when the Moon is closest to Earth, as opposed to “Apogee” when it’s the furthest.  One of these days we’ll rid the earth of the last of the science shamers…

whatever, tide was SUPER LOW, and that is SCIENCE WIN!!!!