2020 Graphic Ephemeris

i’ve been using the astrolog program for 30 years now and still find new settings and configs. how about the whole year of 2020 in one simple picture? of note: mars retro beg september, and jupiter saturn junct in dec.

Solar Sail probe steers like a hangglider.

a hangglider steers by weight shift.  to over-simplify, the pilot moves the body weight in relation to the balance point of the wing, inducing a lateral force, that turns the craft.  this soon to be launched NASA NEA Scout probe is powered by a solar sail that catches the sun’s photons.  in order to steer a course other than away from the sun, the craft will move its center of gravity in relation to the sail very similar to hangglider weight shift.  because, physics.


m-class flare

just to summarize, it’s when the sun does farts in our direction, like this M-class,


there is some sort of “ringing” that can put the odds even for tectonic bumps.  here’s south pacific island seismo starts to get “choppy” (i know, scientific terms) that my theory says precedes earthquakes.    not all farts make eq.  not all eq are fart triggered.  but the BIG ones (2004 xmas and 2009 fukushima specifically) tend to have large solar components.


now im not saying there is going to be a big (7+) quake soon, but the odds are getting even.

for a dollar i’ll tell you where and when i think the trigger happens.

hint, this page is where i pull the seismo’s from,




Boom Boom Chile

…. and, that rumble in the south pacific goes boom boom, 6.2 and 6.8 in Chile.   likely more when the fart clears and the magno relaxes, coupla days from now, as the pacific is still rumbling.  gotta love the internet for instant data feeds…..




whenever the sun farts, or at least when i hear about it, i go look at seismograms.  when i see things like this, a building, or longer period harmonics, i check my emergency supplies: water, food, go-bag.

what do you do when you smell a sun fart?

here’s nice page with worldwide seismo’s in near-realtime.



then i think about trying to get up to the arctic circle and watch the aurora.  northern lights are really greasy sun farts, golden spoonfull of particles in the holy wind.  looks like we’re getting it in our general direction….


which comes from here.


see the daylight line? called the “greyline”, thats where the above seismo is at at this moment of the aurora forecast.  my sunfart->quake theory has a lot of greyline dynamics in it.  stay tuned for formulae.