Growing Things


one week left in Taurus, so here’s a report on the greenery.

newest camper (not mine) has doubled size and awareness in 2 weeks, you know how they are at this age, chewin and poopin….


mom and dad have taken to hiding out in the house and garage to get away from the newly fledged kids wont leave them alone, plus it’s warm on foggy days.


these peas are very similar to natives i guess, no bugs chowin on them and soooo sweet too?  the experiment of using sunflowers for trellis timing was off, (volunteer too early, purpose too late) but they don’t hate each other so far…


this is one mustard plant.  pinched along to maximize seed.  fence is 5′ tall.


recycled redwood berry box 2nd version.  needing the bird netting now thus the end sticks up.


early box already rotating, more dill and lettuce  in the blank where 2 lbs of winter potatoes came out.  take that foodco !!!