best of SSTV

so Field Day is this weekend, and lots of only-get-on-air-once-a-year are out and tuning up on net and use frequencies.  the voice guys dont see these replies, but they hear the digital modem noise for sure…..


back from walkabout

so this little guy went walkabout near exact a year ago, as in vanished.  almost stepped on him when loading up for the junk run he was right underfoot at the bombay doors.  he obviously wintered ok, so gonna set him up with nice outdoor digs.  let’s hope this homecoming trend continues…..


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so here’s a pic of hurricane Blanca i caught today.  i think she wants to go to Nevada.  maybe her sisters will get a chance in the fall……

NOAA 19 at 08 Jun 2015 21:05:10 GMT

oregon volcano?

ive not found any actual “it is a volcano” data, but indeed, something is getting bigger on the “keystone” offshore oregon.  bump bump.  who’s there? plate.  plate who? plate tectonics beaaatch!!!


personally, my “quake but” has been all tingly….



north eye

so, working on a little project for a big, uhm, “shoe”, and ive been trying to find the “female third eye” representation.  the male is horizontal, the female vertical.   like so,


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