hint of winter

equinox is still a few days away, but this almost 1″ of rain sure felt like a winter cold front.  hoping it’s a “good start” …..

NOAA 19 at 16 Sep 2015 22:27:58 GMT


finally, a little bit of wet.  so far maybe 1/8″, ground is actually “wet”, no puddles yet, but close.  yesterday’s pass saw it coming….

NOAA 18 at 16 Sep 2015 00:51:31 GMT

TrinityVane for Storied Haven.

So, i built the TrinityVane for the Storied Haven.   the four compass points are represented by four eyes that open and close as the broom rider rotates.  To the East is the Virgin, the South the Maid, the West is the Crone, and the North is the Third Eye.  One side of her is young and foolish, the other the wise old spider.  No batteries, no motors, no wires, just wind powered mecho-kinetic awareness.

the Virgin is wide-eyed and shiny clean.


the Maid sees the patterns now, a little more focused,


the crone has reached hexe level.


play with flame colouring.





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