cloning for size?

these ladies love the extra water from the garden nearby.  all i can think of is, “what coolness could be had by cloning these with other crops…”






pot marigold?

who can confirm or deny these are of the calendula family?  all i can tell is similar except the color is deeper orange and the seeds from last year are more dark, but same shape/size ??

wpid-0530151202b.jpg wpid-0530151203a.jpg wpid-0530151202.jpg

penny snail barrier success

been near a month now since installed the penny snail barrier.   and so far, NO SNAILS !!!!.   i also cleared out around the beds so they don’t have any easy hiding places.  at night, i can see the earwigs chowing on the sunflowers, but since they also eat aphids i’m ok with them if the sunflowers are ok with them.  heres closeup where something chowed on the squash that stuck out over the barrier