starting the day

some days are harder to get started than others.  corroded main terminal, busted the housing trying to remove it, new solenoid on order.  maintenance is a little now and then, or a whole lot all of a sudden.  at least i know why it “felt” tight but wasn’t. i suspected the contacts inside where fried, but actually look very good, clean, and not burnt or corroded away.  hope the replacement is as well built as the original, or better wrt insulator cap.

wpid-1022151425.jpg wpid-1022151424.jpg wpid-1022151425a.jpg

soaking bliss

best road trip ever.  weather scared others away. caught buckeye just before it washed over from the rains too.  a f’n mazing.

DSCN1443 DSCN1441 DSCN1440

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SolarPanel Telemetry

finally got the Rogue MPT-3048 hooked up to a VM copy of XP so to get telemetry from my 2nd solar system.  it’s not much, but enough i can reverse the serial protocol, and code up something that will run on linux and osx to do the same data collection.