dead dinosaur distributions

yes, i admit, this is how i “recycled” my engine oil for many many years, usually didn’t bother with the gravel however….


kinda makes ya wonder what’s the big deal about a pipeline?  i mean, whats just one more oil leaking greed vein?


more battery lies

ok, these are HP batteries.  one is as expected, full of cells.


but the other has these black cells, ive never seen black cells before?


oh wait, those are not cells, those are hollow plastic spacer tubes?


i guess even the big buys cut corners when they can?

would never tell from the outside that 1/3 of the cells are missing inside?




hollow promises

original apple macbook batteries are a study in density packaging, not a spare cubic in there, all pouch cell and fancy TexasInstruments BQ battery chip.


was going thru some dead batteries, and found one non-original that felt suspiciously lighter than any others.  you don’t own it till you open it, so,


looks all official on the bottom, CE cert and all that, but, what’s missing inside? how about only 1/3 the space is battery cells?


and what kind of cells are these?  look like some sort of tablet battery, really thin, testing one now shows about 2800mah capacity, WAY lower than what the outside says!


yup, even says only 13.87Wh, way less than the 57Wh the outside says!



at least it looks to have a cell balancer, and since it talks to an apple laptop, must have the original TI chip right?


nope, atmel atmega16, might explain the weird responses from the SMC queries….


electric motorcycle battery pack rebuild

so looks like the smoke stayed in.  all new 14x 48v 40Ah lithium cells, and a new charge balancer board.  i couldnt find one that does 250amps, so i put the 50amp board to the charger, and tapped the cuttoff fet gates to the original 250A board to the motor.  way more kick in the pants than i am comfortable on 2  wheels with.  quantya.

double strength?

is there a name for this? i have 2 ladies doing this on a few stems each, finishing their flower, starting nice healthy seeds, then a second bud grows right thru the middle?  harvesting the petals as they fade for some experiments.