finally floored.

plywood is f’n expensive these days, shylocked the last three sheets, called a sundown deadline on getting the floor in, done.


i added a stringer across the 3 foot stretch, must have been a tank here they left out any support under the shower or something.


and the drain required a notch cut in the frame.  not sure if this was a factory thing, might weld a replacement gusset, but for now at least the floor is supported.


ok, i think we’re ready to sheet.


hardest one in.  yes, it goes 1.5″ under the wall channels.  lets just say “bigger hammer” kept playing in my head.


measuring from back to front, there’s 1/64″ delta side to side.  might work.


how i got the second piece in is a trade secret.  popeye would have been proud of both my bashing and cursing.  the center piece between the wheels required all my “negotiation” skills to squish everybody in snug.


tada! aprox 24′ x 7′ of shop space now has a floor!!!  still have to drill and bolt everything down, and maybe some more negotiations here and there, but ima gonna call this project officially “over the hump”.


i was told a complete re-floor could not be done without removing the shell completely.  i’m rather pleased with how well (get it? wheel well?) this actually worked out with the shell “floating” on the front and rear end sheets and wheel wells.


found the door again.  there isn’t a snug rivet in the whole assembly.  i think my future has a lot of drilling in it and take it all the way down to the pieces.


Fixing the Bones

so looks like the rear frame had some rust and bad-installer damage.  the outrigger pieces hold the shells weight so need to be somewhat integral.  i cut out 2 damaged ones, replaced 2, and added 2 more in the back.


one of the new outriggers in the back.


this one the center stringer was “torn” loose at the top weld.  not exactly a quality job, but re-welded enough to BE STIFF.


replaced, repaired, modified, bones DONE !!!

now just need some cash for more plywood :)


two more working designs

more a re-design than a scratch design, but still had to push the same amount of pixels and solder.  you’ll see these on the market soon, till then here’s the “factory proofs” with some double-check their Q with my A.

hella bright blinky disks.


ultra cool glow sticks,


and sometimes ya just gotta check how good they printed by removing the top screen print to expose the copper traces.  modern SMD parts are sooooo damn tiny in sub-milimeter kinda tiny.