possibilities to arise the fire.

from an RF transistor datasheet was just casually perusing….my sense of humor in bold.2656465_rd70hvf170watt


1.High Temperature ; This product might have a heat generation while operation,Please take notice that have a possibility to receive a burn to touch the operating product directly or touch the product until cold after switch off. At the near the product,do not place the combustible material that have possibilities to arise the fire.

2.Generation of High Frequency Power ; This product generate a high frequency power. Please take notice that do not leakage the unnecessary electric wave and use this products without cause damage for human and property per normal operation.

3.Before use; Before use the product,Please design the equipment in consideration of the risk for human and electric wave obstacle for equipment.

Rain and UFO

some notable bits about the sky lately.  i saw the “UFO“, it was indeed blue.  not red, or orange, or yellow, like fire in a rocket usually is, but blue.  and moving what i thought to be pretty slow for a military rocket.  i hoped that maybe it was a cloud seeder, a rocket that has smoke that is such fine particles that it stays airborne and forms start nuclei for rain drops to form.  silver iodide is used a lot, that could be blue maybe?

sure enough, we got a bit of rain, more than the models had predicted for this incoming system.  we also got HEAPS of lightning, more than ive seen total since ive been 20 years on the west coast.  and why did said launch go from south to north along the CA coast rather than out to sea?


here’s a pic i took today of the post-frontal, can you spot the UFO smoke drift lines? HINT: they look like rain clouds :)

NOAA 19 northbound 56W at 09 Nov 2015 22:22:39 GMT on 137.10MHz, contrast enhancement, Normal projection, Channel A: 2 (near infrared), Channel B: 4 (thermal infrared)

NOAA 19 northbound 56W at 09 Nov 2015 22:22:39 GMT on 137.10MHz, contrast enhancement, Normal projection, Channel A: 2 (near infrared), Channel B: 4 (thermal infrared)

Mother Of All PoisonOak (MOAPO)

This weekend was my first trip to Big Sur i did not catch poison oak.  This time of year, with lots of drought going around, there is plenty of red to remind me of leprosy effects it has on me.


but this Urushiol oozing toxic warfare oil monster takes many forms and many disguises, often mimicking the surrounding neighbors.  Even when i’m looking for it, which is always in these parts after scrambling up Jade Cove one summer to find only oozing plasma and blood covering my arms instead of any Jade in my pocket, invariably there are the “oh shit, it’s hiding here too!” moments.

After months of painful skin grafts and oxygen therapy my arms healed and the scars are not too noticeable.  i researched all i could about Urushiol and how to remove the lipid soluble before my skin falls off (Fells Naptha Soap FTW).

Grandma Spider told me it grows wherever First Nation people spilt blood and in their footsteps as they fled the white invaders. To this day it still plagues the tenderfoot as we destroy the environment, and i have only seen the source of its reproduction once, a young singular flower cluster wrapped around a road gate right where the lock and chain hung. my introduction to a new young queen was like this,

“hi gaspo, i’m a pretty white and pink flower growing where your hands need to go.”

“oh, hullo pretty flower, i have not seen the likes of you before, how do you do?”

“i’m a flower, i do love. how do you do?”

“oh, i’m a human, i destroy things.  and you are in my way. i’m a curious fellow so before i rip you off the post likely killing you, what kind of leaves do you have? ”



This weekend, i was mostly looking up, as i like to do, as we drove into the campground.  everything on the ground was nicely manicured, even power blower after the rain, (who runs a leaf blower in the forest?) so was not really paying much attention to the ground cover itself.   Lucky, my first step out of the car it was pretty much the only plant life in my field of vision.  Indeed, the entire ground cover in this pic is poison oak, with a ~1% of berry and others hiding.

there must be a Queen nearby….


i originally began cataloguing the many forms her vile offspring had taken, pondering the imeme “i have not assumed my Final Form yet!”, cursing my camera for failing to go into macro focus by mind command, i knew i was close to the ever elusive MOAPO, when indeed, i found her.

Towering over my head, disguised as a tree, bearing thousands of Geiger’esque egg/seed pods over a stream soon to flow with drought busting rains, there she was.  The Mother of All Poison Oak.  The source of the “redman’s revenge” to those who do not pay attention to the world around them.

i immediately visioned myself as “Ripley” aka the Aliens movies, longing for a flame thrower and a stiff breeze to stand up wind from her ponderous virility as i bravely battle for the fate of all Earth….


yes, this is poison oak, the leaves are most all gone, sorry for the terrible focus, but there are identifiable poison oak leaves on the same stems as these berries.  There is some other vine/lantana type thing growing in there too, but is darker stemmed, which is what i saw at first glance, till i looked again, and again, and found multiple confirmed taxinomical confirmations.

OMFG, MOAPA !!!!!!



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soaking bliss

best road trip ever.  weather scared others away. caught buckeye just before it washed over from the rains too.  a f’n mazing.

DSCN1443 DSCN1441 DSCN1440

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best of SSTV

so Field Day is this weekend, and lots of only-get-on-air-once-a-year are out and tuning up on net and use frequencies.  the voice guys dont see these replies, but they hear the digital modem noise for sure…..