Solstice Success

on the longest day, i finally got over the halfway point with the project fondly named “Two”.  i am now officially “putting back together” more than i am “taking apart”.  There is still plenty of floor to remove in the back still, but here is the first and hardest sheet of new plywood floor installed.


but first, the torn swing out step frame had to be fixed.


one of those things easier to work with on a bench, so cut out the whole thing, along with the frame pieces it was attached (sorta) to.


i could see making this a lift-gate door now, or a drop ramp…


but no, lets go with sturdy box tube door frame that i can add a step to later.


sorry, no closeups of the flux-core 120vac welds, you can just imagine yucky gross blobs and splatter. will hit it with gas mig when i do the step.  after its rolling again.

tomorrow, weld a brace at the 2/3 seam, sheet #2 then goes in, and #4 can come out.  this project is Zen forcing my “lots of littles” discipline game.



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