electric motorcycle battery pack rebuild

so looks like the smoke stayed in.  all new 14x 48v 40Ah lithium cells, and a new charge balancer board.  i couldnt find one that does 250amps, so i put the 50amp board to the charger, and tapped the cuttoff fet gates to the original 250A board to the motor.  way more kick in the pants than i am comfortable on 2  wheels with.  quantya.

sneaky boat from china

these cells are 40Ah each, and supposedly the factory had to custom make them in this size again.  would make a nice pack for a portable TIG welder, but instead i reubuilt this pack for an electric motorcycle.  full testing tomorrow, but for now, it looks like i did it not wrong. :)



AF6MQ CWIR reloaded video

i stopped bringing any Fire to BinkyMan in 2007.  i’m very pleased to have a chance to fire up an old project this weekend, “AF6MQ CWIR”.  here’s the controls and solenoid on the bench all rewired and ready to be boxed.  type a letter, and the flame will go “poof” in morse code.  here’s a link to the original version for the crucibles legendary Fire Arts Festival (RIP).

and another try to link the youtubez….


RTL-SDR, dump1090, VirtualRadar, and Sofia

having a lot of fun watching the air traffic.  i loaded dump1090 onto a debian machine, plugged in an RTL-SDR usb dongle, a hacked coax 1/4 wave vertical, and bam, we got all sorts of fun info about the planes flying over.  here’s the raw dump from dump1090


then, using mono to run VirtualRadar, can see from other machines browser live updating with tracks, and net lookups of the tail numbers.  i can only “see” about 10-30 miles out, so very lucky to be looking at it just the right time…..


…..and then along comes SOFIA, the NASA flying telescope.  Yes, they open a door on the side, the back section is de-pressurized, so to have a clear view of the heavens.  the Ultimate Convertible, no?

and a double check against the pro’s,


so, who read all the way down here, and want’s to hear about the CHP Ghost C-130 flying circles over Folsom Lake?



electric motorcycle battery pack dissection

48V at 40Ah, this is quite the LiPo battery pack.  well, it was, before it self-discharged.  looks like about $1K to replace all those magic baggies, last picture can see the magic smoke has leaked out and left an aromatic grunge behind.   at least the BMS has a clever tab attachment setup.  searching for LiFe replacement options.  anyone recommend source for 20-40Ah that would fit roughly 210x210x150mm form factor?  only one cell has 2V on it, the others 0.2V at most, so no youtube pack puncture fun here.





need bigger brain

re-purposed capsule board for the brain, and we have, unicorn farts!  the 256bytes of ram is limiting me from doing a proper dual-frame display array for smooth x-fades, so, morning we bust out an at90usb1287 for the job.  BIGGER BRAINZ !!!

#10 will be for show/sale this sunday at 5-Months-Gallery show.

this Sunday, Dec 6, 2015, 12:00pm – 6:00pm.

989 Mission St at 6th, San Francisco, Earth.

crackbook event link https://www.facebook.com/events/1678312035718085/



Fuzzy Booth

here’s some pics back thru the crackbook of the Fuzzy Booth in action.  hoping someone caught some video, it’s mo betta animatin i tell ya…

3 separate data lines, dozen+ patterns in each, about half of those being sound reactive.  no bad for 8mhz, all dem squirrels caging as fast as they can…..

12278784_984035251659279_6799553020621527190_n 12316509_984033081659496_7587727433515061054_n 12308709_644541312316218_3086853398314187597_n

used capacitors

i do a lot of parts salvaging from discarded electronics.  occasionally, i harvest some organ from a corpse that was weak or diseased and i did not know.  it’s kinda fun when the smoke gets out of these bad parts.   i’ve replaced the cap now with a new stock one, and it boots and runs.  the button however is not working, likely popped the input line to the brain.

oh well, at least i can repair what i make…..